Window Services

Accent Window recognizes that cost and efficiency are the two major deciding factors a customer considers when choosing to purchase new windows. Repairing instead of replacing windows will help you save anywhere from 75%-150% on the cost of a total new window bill. Accent Window can restore old windows by bringing them up to date. We recognize that Repairs are less expensive, and in this economy everybody needs to stretch the dollar but we also recognize the importance and value of replacing your windows.

Since Accent Window can provide both services to you, we want you to have a piece of mind that we will provide you with the best quality and service your home needs. Let the professionals evaluate your home to decide what is in your best interest.

Below is our window services

Repair Services

  • Sash Replacement – Fogged Glass – Wood Rot Repair – Broken Seal – Broken Glass – Insulated Glass – Tinted Glass – Brick Mold Repair/Replacement – Stucco Board Replacement – T-l ll Board Replacement – Pine Board Replacement – Weather Stripping – Resealing & Caulking – Rebuilding Wood Windows

Replacing Services

  • Removal Of Windows – Installation – Debir Removal – Proper Inspection – Window Adjustment – Screen installation